United Airlines

Going on a vacation or even a business trip can be a lot more comfortable if you are flying with the right airline. Otherwise you might just end up getting more tired and exhausted when you land at the destination airport. They also have a number of other services like holiday packages and online flight booking system which you can benefit from.

United Airlines: Online Flight Booking to Check-In

The United Airlines website offers you complete control over your travel details and you can do just about everything from checking out United Airlines schedules to booking United Airlines flights and even an online check in option that allows you to save check in time and print out your boarding passes before you head to the airport. This is valuable for those who are short on time and do not want to wait for hours at the airport lounges. With online check in you will be among the first group of people to be seated in the airplane. You can also check flight statuses online.

United Airlines Mileage Plus® There are many ways to get advantages through the United Airlines frequent flyer program, Mileage Plus®. You can personalize your award travel and you don’t just get miles when you fly – like most airlines – but you actually get award miles in your account every day! You also have a variety of choice available to use your miles wisely. With this program you can also get upgraded to the best seats in the plane when you travel. There are ways to earn miles by flying with United Airlines or United Express and also with all the airline partners of United Airlines at various destinations. You can also apply for the Mileage Plus debit card or credit card which you can use for shopping and renting out vehicles.

United Airlines Vacations

There are a number of United Airlines destinations where you can take specially designed vacations. United Airlines offers a variation of vacation deals and you can save up to three hundred dollars on various vacations. The usual vacation packages include vacations to Marriott Resorts, Secrets Resorts & Spas and El Cozumel no Beach Resort. There are also weekly and monthly United Airlines deals for vacations which can get you a range of discounts. The website allows you to custom design a vacation by choosing flights, hotels, car rentals and number of travelers. You will get more discounts on the weekly/monthly vacation offers.

United Airlines Specialized Vacations

United Airlines offers four fabulous specialized vacation packages:

Flexible Getaways: Perfect for a group of people traveling together. With this deal you can save up to two hundred dollars per person for any destination and resort that you choose.

Luxury: Great for getting five star treatments anywhere you go – destinations include England, Hawaii, Jamaica, Mexico and various USA regions like Las Vegas, Phoenix, Orlando and Tucson. You can also get bonus miles in your Mileage Plus® account which can be used for various upgrades.

Ski: Winter sports vacations for everyone in top ski locations like France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, British Columbia, Quebec, Germany, Andorra, Alberta, California, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.

Romance: Perfect for destination weddings and honeymoons in Hawaii, Mexico, Las Vegas and the Caribbean. You can also enjoy great discounts on wedding packages.